The moment a man realizes he can do better in whatever he is doing, it is that moment that he puts himself on the path to greatness.

Learning a new skill might be hard decision to make, but everyone can do it, irrespective of their level of understanding.

Every man needs to be awakened to the fact that they can only achieve better when they know more.

Let us be the catalyst to activate that inert ability in you and the young people in your organization.

I have a passion to see young people grow in whatever they do, and I have decided to lead a movement in helping them unravel the giant in them.

Many people do not know how powerful they are until they make a move – This, myself and my team, are bent on helping them unleash.

As a graduate of the Entrepreneurship Development Center, a collaborative program by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Africa Leadership Forum (ALF), I can categorically say that I am in a position to help you unleash your potentials and maximise your skill level.


If you would love Agunbiade Sanya to speak at your event, church, reunion, school and other gatherings, you can get in touch with him via:


Phone: +2348038606260

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