Gbenga Olaegbe Emmanuel Is A Scammer: Works with Cameroonian Crypto Scam Gang to Scam Nigerians


Gbenga Olaegbe Emmanuel contacted me in October 2022 that he knows some Cameroonians who buy USDT at a higher rate from Nigerians, giving Nigerians opportunities to make some profit, after they buy at a cheaper rate here.

I was initially sceptical of him, because he used to be an old contact I deleted his number years back because of silly things he always posted on WhatsApp, but since I knew he had some iota of truth in him, I decided to give him an audience, not knowing he had gone rogue.

Now according to him, these guys in Cameroon have a way of paying Nigerians through a system he called FLOAT. They claimed this payment will allow any Nigerian to receive the payment via UBA bank here in Nigeria.

I actually got carried away thinking about the profit, though small (about N50/$) but will be tangible enough if the system was repeated several times. And since the deal was going to be carried out on Binance P2P, I felt covered, not knowing it was a scam targeted at both the buyer and the seller on Binance, while they the scammer takes the money.

Now Gbenga Olaegbe Emmanuel referred me to a certain Cameroonian vendor (a member of his syndicate) and we negotiated the price I was going to sell my USDT. and he assured it was safe since we were using Binance.

This is how they operate - the scammers will claim they are sending the payment via FLOAT, which they claim is similar to Nigeria's REMITA and with that UBA bank will honor the payment and remit it to me.

Now, this is where the scam is. He now told me since the deal was going to be on Binance, he will create an order in XAF (Sefa) and gave me his vendor ID on Binance P2P. So once I change my currency from Naira to XAF, I will see his order to buy the USDT and I will select that.

Now in our chat, he dropped a certain number which he claimed was a Transaction ID he generated and I was to paste the number on Binance chat after picking his order. Unknown to me, that was an mobile money account which the real buyer of the coin on Binance was to pay the money into. They made it look to the buyer on Binance like that was the account I wanted to receive my money in. So once the buyer made the payment to them in Cameroon, they stopped chatting with me on WhatsApp.

Now the buyer and I the seller have been scammed. So we are now left to dispute the deal on Binance, which we dragged for a month before I had to let go since it was my fault.

I was scammed of $500 of which Gbenga Olaegbe Emmanuel a scammer working with Cameroonian scammers, was the Nigerian contact they use in bringing customers from Nigeria to them.

Gbenga Olaegbe Emmanuel also blocked me after then and I had to take my loss, until October 2023 that i Came across his number on Telegram, he still uses the old number on Telegram.

Now this is him here admitting to being part of the fraud

He blocked me afterwards and I never hear from him again, until October 2023 when I stumbled on his Telegram details with the same number.

He later contacted me on WhatsApp with a new Nigerian number but he was claiming he is now in Cameroon scamming people and he will find a way to pay me my money. At a point he was asking me to buy him scamming kit, which actually made me doubt his sanity. But that is none of my business, all I want is my $500

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