Why You Should Gift a Loved One Crypto This Christmas

Are you already shopping for the Christmas season for your loved ones? One of the greatest gifts you can give out, especially during these volatile times is cryptocurrency. This article explains why crypto is the best gift to give this Christmas.


Why gifting is meaningful during Christmas

1. It helps you build and sustain quality relationships
 Gifting helps you build and sustain quality relationships with your loved ones. It can be the spark to recreate some amazing connections that you have shared. When you give, you increase your chances of maintaining a healthy relationship with your friends and acquaintance.


2. It helps improves your mental health
 Your mental health is greatly improved when you give. You become a happier person likewise your recipient as well.


3. It helps increase your self-esteem
 Gifting also helps to boost your self-esteem. It makes you more self-aware and helps to boost your ego. With all of this, gifting the right gift is what makes the entire process more rewarding. One such is cryptocurrency.

Why you should gift crypto this Christmas

1. You can never run out of stock
 With crypto, there is no such thing as “we’ve run out of stock.” Just like hard currency, it’s unlimited and comes in different variations. You never need to wait or join long queues to purchase cryptocurrency. All you need to do is trade with us at KWITOC and we will deliver the coins to your loved ones.


2. You don’t need to worry about being under-budget or over-budget
 Crypto gives you choices. You can always select from over a thousand types of coins at different rates or select a stable coin for gifting to stay within your means. Similar to purchasing a gift, once you have a budget, you can send that amount at its coin value to the recipient. No need to be worried about the cost of things or inflation.


3. It’s unique
 Your recipient is probably expecting something different from what you regularly give. This is where a crypto gift comes in. It’s unique and might be somewhat unexpected hence will be more appreciated than a regular gift. 


4. They are good investments

When you are gift cryptocurrencies to your loved ones, you are setting them up for financial freedom as crypto assets have the tendency to appreciate in value on the long run. 


How to Gift Crypto

At KWITOC, we can help you deliver credible cryptocurrencies to your loved ones. All you need to do is request for a certain crypto and after your purchase, we connect with your loved one and help them to set it up.



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