OFFCHAIN TRON: With N200, you can make minimum $1000

OFFCHAIN TRON is launching on Saturday, 10th October, 2020 and it is a peer to peer program.

It's requires just 10 TRON to start, less than N200 with the potential of making more than N500, 000.

Start building your team. It won't be difficult to get referrals in this program. You only need to invite 2 people. 

Though we are all a team, but we don't encourage laziness. 

Download The Pocket Token Wallet and fund with 20 TRON, which is about N300. 

 *Please, I beg you Don't miss out on this golden OPPORTUNITY.*

I am promoting this team big time, so everyone will benefit. 

Download the POCKET TOKEN APP, register with TRON WALLET and load it before Saturday.

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