This is the 2nd edition of our Skill Acquisition Training and it is a medium where you will be able to select from our listed classes, according to your preference.

There are 10 different skills to select from and you can choose as many as possible.

The purpose of this guide is to enlighten you on the benefits of each of the skills we will be taking in the class.


Many of us are not hearing about blogging for the 1st time, but not everyone understands how they can benefit from being a blogger – or simply put, how they can make money from blogging.

There are diverse ways through which bloggers make their money. What matters most here is the blogging skill. And it is also important that you understand that blogging cuts across every profession on earth: medicine, technology, automobiles, education, commerce, entertainment and so on.

So before you can identify as a blogger, you must have something to offer.

Bloggers make money through

  • Advertisements (Sponsored posts and poster)
  • Blog Creation: You can help other people set up their own blogs and get paid for it. Creating a blog like this will not even cost you more than N5000 to create and you can charge your client as much as N20,000
  • Google Adsense
  • Blog Administration: working as a blogger for other people. I currently freelance for a firm where I’m being paid equivalent of $500 monthly. And it doesn’t even stop me from doing other things.

Like I mentioned. The most important thing here is the skill. Some bloggers do not even have a blog and they make money from blogging.

One of my new students was even connected by me after his training. He receives N30,000 monthly working for just some few hours in the morning, and he has also been able to get some other blog owners to work for by himself.


·       Training: Teaching people about blogging and getting paid

·       Selling your own products and services: You can use your blog as a medium to promote your business.


2.    3D Animation

This is not new to some of us. This is simply using your phone to create some basic animations. You can use such animation to create business adverts and even use them to carry out some office presentation.

Of course, you benefit by rendering services for people and also teaching other people on how to create such animations. I charge nothing less than N3000 to create for people and almost same amount to teach people in private classes.

Our class will be discussing two types of basic animations you can create with your phone.


3.    Business Video Creation

This is simply making use of some text slides to promote a business. You can actually use the skill for various purposes as it allows you to covert images into videos.

You can then use them for business presentations, classroom presentation, birthday videos (I currently make minimum N3000 daily creating birthday videos for people. Though with the help of Facebook adverts) You can replicate the same process.

See the images below:


With the use of a special link, you can get people to connect with you from Facebook to WhatsApp. You can see different prospects asking for a birthday video. That is the power of Facebook Ad.


Facebook allows page owners to run paid adverts on its platform. With this you can be able to reach out to as many people as possible. Look at the images I posted above. That page only has 80 followers, but with Facebook advert, I was able to reach to about 20,000 people and counting. And for your information, you can run an advert with as little as $1/day.

This class will teach you how to go about it and how to target the right set of people to boost your business.


I know some of us will be wondering how possible this is. Yes it is possible to produce a song or even a podcast with your phone. We are bringing in a trainer to take us on this and it is going to be a powerful one. I will drop samples of the songs produced on phone in the class.


This is one skill you will be forever grateful you took. You can use your knowledge to make money. What you know and other people don’t know, gives you POWER. This class will teach you on how you can start making money with your skills.

You will be exposed to same technique we use in grossing in minimum of N100,000 in online courses monthly.

Even if you don’t have a skill, pick one of the ones we are teaching here and start creating your own online course.


If you think this is not possible, you are wrong. With a good trainer just like the one we are bringing in, you will be able to learn how to produce liquid soap by yourself and also how to market them.


This is one class I know many beauty enthusiasts will benefit from. The trainer we are bringing in has a lot in stock for us. I was opportune to attend one of her classes where she charged N1000, but the information she dropped was more than N10,000. She is bringing in that same wealth of knowledge into our class.


If you are skilled in putting words together, and you are not making money from it, you need to be in this class. As at today, I still connected some of my students to a client who needed my service, but I am a bit occupied to take his job.

Many young Nigerian writers make on average N70,000 monthly and most of them are even students.

There are more article writing jobs available than the GOOD WRITERS on ground. So if you believe you can easily re-write sentences in your own words and it will come out perfect, then you should not miss this class for anything.

10.                   STARTING A BUSINESS

I am sure you must have seen small businesses kicking off and failing in no time. It is simply because they fail to follow some guiding principles that contribute to the growth of a business. This class will take you through the factors you need to put in place to grow your business and the best ways to grow your customer base in any kind of business you intend to start.



These are just summaries of what we have in stock for you. We can assure that every class selected will have loads of goodies to offer you.



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