This Coronavirus season is waking up the giants in so many Nigerians and citizens of other countries. It will be a disaster if some of us fail to see that there is already a shift in peoples’ mindsets and we don’t flow with the new trend.


Many people are now unleashing their talents, skills and potential. Do you want to be left behind?

Do you even know that you have something the world needs? Do you even know that you don’t have to be a professional teacher before you can teach other people, especially online?

Before I proceed, these are the mindsets to be annulled before you think of discovering yourself and starting your own online course to make money.

1. You are not good enough – This is a lie!
2. You do not have what someone could pay for – Everyone is talented in something
3. It is a sin to make money – Na lie
4. Money is for certain people – Yes! People like you.

You might have assessed your life and concluded that you are not talented and you don’t have what other people need. That should change from this moment.
No matter how dull you think you are, there is always something you can easily do better than others. And that is what you need to focus on.

And even if you have nothing to offer by default, there are so many things you can learn in this year 2020, and then begin to teach other people and make a lot of money.

People are willing to learn anything. From how to tie gele, to how to cook special meals, to how to woo a girl, to how to do Yoga the right way, to how to lose fat, to how to buy things in the market, to how to work as a freelancer. Think about it. Anything can be taught online.

Which now brings us to how you can tap into this multi-million dollar industry and take out your own share.

Now, in our class on Create Your Online Course, you will be taught how to discover yourself, bring out the best in you and ultimately make money with your skills.

Even if you don’t have a skill, it is not difficult to learn one today. There are lots of simple and basic skills you can learn in a day and start teaching others.

In 2019, I learnt how to create basic animation with my phone for just N1500. I made more than N3million from that. And I learnt it in a day. So don’t give up on yourself, there are plenty opportunities available to you.

Small revenue in April in my online courses despite lockdown

January Revenue: 247,000

February, 168,000

I'm even invited as far as Ghana to take students online on some skills and I get paid by just dropping my video course and answer questions. Isn't that sweet enough for you to want to try? 

Payments within a week as a guest trainer

You don’t even have to be a guru to start. All you need is to have a WhatsApp and social media presence. Then you are good to go.

In the class, you will be taught:
  1. How to discover your skill
  2. How to get people that will be willing to learn from you
  3. How to make them advertise for you to get more people
  4. How to make them pay you
  5. How to use FREE GIFTS to attract your students, and make them pay more later.
  6. The best tools to use to teach them
  7. The best platforms to teach them 
  8. How to make them buy from you over and over again
    9.      How to run Facebook Ads
What more benefit will you get when you join the class?
  1. You get access to all my training e-books and videos
  2. You get access to all the skills I use to make as much as N200,000 on a monthly basis
  3. You will get access to all the life-changing materials you can use to set up your online course.
  4. You will get notified of every new viable and legit money making ventures I come across later in the future.

  5. You will get absolute mentorship from me until you start making money with your own courses.
    6.     You will get trained on 4 quick skills that you can start making money from instantly

I don't even need to start telling you how much all these are worth. All the packages you will be getting in the training are highly valuable and are worth tens of thousands of Naira, but you will only be paying

N5000 to join this class.

I can assure you that this is far from the least amount you will make in your own online course.

Don’t waste further time: Join Before 15th May and get my 50% off, meaning you pay just N2500 

You also get my latest books on SALES, WORTH N2000 (I will also offer you a free resale right to the books, which you can sell to your students over and over)

And not just that, you'll get access to my 5000 PLR ebooks worth about N30,000 - All for FREE. 

Training kicks off 21st May, 2020

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