My Short Vacation to Abeokuta - Visit to Olumo Rock


"When you develop extra skills, you cater for extra expenses "
Since the beginning of the year, I had always wanted to go on that trip to give myself a short rest from work.

Well, considering my budget and the limited time I have at my disposal, I eventually settled for the ancient city of Abeokuta in Ogun State, South-West Nigeria.

Abeokuta is the home of the Egbas and the town is popularly known for it's massive rocks that span across the area. 

And most notable of all is the Olumo Rock, a monumental tourist location highly revered for its historical importance as a natural fortress during an inter-tribal warfare between the Egbas and their neighbors in the 19th century. 




Well, I naturally have acrophobia - WhatsApp me to know what that but I was able to conquer that, even made sure I reached the peak of the was good fun.


There are other tourist attractions in the town and my visit was an interesting one as I was able to touch down on a number of them.

The Centenary Hall in Ake, Abeokuta

The Popular Kampala Market in Itoku
The June 12 Cultural Center, Kuto
The Palace of the King of Egba

The longest over-head foot bridge in Nigeria

It was a great time touring the city and as it is with the law of nature - whatever has a beginning will surely have an ending. The vacation ended and here we are, back to Lagos and work continues.

My Hotel Room - Learning contnued

UhTraveling back to Lagos in my comfy... ***winks

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