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We had our FREE TRAINING on WhatsApp, but everything that was discussed in the training has been compiled into this report.

Do you know you can import cheap phones from the USA?

Most of you are already used to classified Ads websites like OLX, Jiji and the many sites springing up across Nigeria.

Those kind of websites are not limited to our country alone, in fact they are all over the world as well as in the United States.

On these sites, you can get to see iPhones, Samsung phones, Huawei and many other phones are dead cheap price. It is not a surprise to see a Samsung S8 at $150 and some sellers might even sell for $100, depending on the state of the phone.


Location: These sites are just like our local classified Ad websites like OLX, jumia market and so on. So it is important to note that a buyer in Lagos might not be able to easily connect with a seller in Kaduna.

In this report, I will hint you with the contacts of agents in different cities.

Agents:  To trade successfully with someone in the United States, you need to have a legit agent who will serve as a middle man for you. These agents are Nigerians in the US and they are 100% legit.

They will get payment from you and pay your seller on your behalf. They charge you a small amount for fuel and shipping down to Nigeria.

You need to be careful in this aspect so you don’t get it wrong. When we started in the started business, we had terrible experiences, but never worries, you are not going to be facing this as the issue will be cleared to you.

Most phones coming from the US have to be unlocked as we use different networks. There are different carriers like  Sprint,  T-mobile,  AT & T

Your Identity: Dealing with people on the site can be tricky as you are not in the US. But you shouldn’t tell them that you are in Nigeria and you shouldn’t tell them you are using an agent. Just negotiate as normally with the seller.

And make sure you don’t use your personal picture as your DP on these sites. You can use that of a random item.

IMEI: If you’re buying an Iphone, you need to know the update of the phone by requesting for the IMEI (More details on this in the full report)

I have compiled a report on How To Import Used Phones From the USA

***I will be introducing you to 2 great US websites where you can get used phones to buy cheaply and ship to Nigeria without stress  

***The report talks about how to get the best deals

***It also talks about how to get connected with agents that help you procure the items in the US: their phone number and web link.

***The agents will help you ship to Nigeria.

***How to avoid scamming sellers

***How to link up with DEAL HUNTERS if you don't have the time to shop by yourself

The report is N1000, but going for N500 for the rest of this month.

Call: 08038606260


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    1. Thank you for your message! The price for the report is N500. You can connect with me on WhatsApp for your copy. Thanks

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