It doesn't matter the industry you are, the principles of sales are the same, and if you are not able to perfect your dealings with your customers and potential customers, you will surely lag behind in sales.

Getting a customer may not be easy, but it is harder even to keep one. But you will only experience this if you don't put the right strategies into place.

As they will always say, it is costlier to get a new customer than to keep one. So what are the things you need to put in place to keep your customers as well as secure the patronage of new ones.

I bring to you an excerpt from my book and I believ these few tips would help you in boosting your sales, irrespective of whatever business you are into.


One thing I realize about sales is that people want to be sure what you are offering them, has benefited other people. It's called social proof (otherwise referred to as testimonials)

Even while it's important to let your clients/customers understand the benefits of your product and services. You will capture their mind faster if you are able to show them proofs you've rendered same service or sold same product to other people (They might not even care if those people loved the product)

''One man I did this for in Lekki, he wanted white, but after he was shown this blue, he was wowed! "

With that, you have not only assured him of the quality of your service, you have given him the opportunity to choose from other available options. 

Most people tend to trust other people's decision, especially if they have little idea about what you are offering them.

No matter what you sell, always post your social proofs on your platforms: WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Email etc.


You must have come across this saying many times. Yes, it's true.

In sales, you have to utilize every form of marketing at your disposal, both online and offline.

Part of your advertising budgets should incorporate this, especially if you are making use of non-conventional means of advertisements such as souvenirs, adverts on clothes, mobile adverts, and even words of mouth.

You can be on the bus with someone who is a total stranger and before you come down from the bus, you hand over to him your business card or your phone number so you could have their WhatsApp contact. Remember the more contacts you have, the more WhatsApp Views you get on your status.

It's important to note that WhatsApp Status is one of the ways through which you can promote your business these days.

You can even get your friends and family to post you on their status and also on their family and church groups.

Don't underestimate how far this could help your business.

Like I said! No publicity is bad publicity


The future of marketing is WhatsApp, and it's important that you begin to key into it right now, before it gets to the stage of people paying to have other people's contacts.

Everyone that contacts you to make enquiries about your business should have your number saved on their phone, while you do the same.

“Thank you Daniel for contacting me. If you will like to be hinted on my other products and the free gifts I offer, kindly save my number and I will save yours too"

And if you manage a WhatsApp group. It's also important to follow up on people that leave your group. Get them to save your number for possible future businesses.


You need to understand that your customers will tell others about your business, when you offer them great services.

Tell them to tag you on Instagram when they wear the wig they bought from you.

Even right there on WhatsApp, they can ask their friends to contact you when they post photos of your products or service.

And remember, never ignore your referrers. Have a program that rewards them for their support. Offer them discounts on their next purchases and even send them gifts on their special days.


What do I mean when I say you should fake it? Let’s not deceive one another, we all have varying characters and attitudes, and obviously some people are not so friendly when it comes to communicating with others (Though I don’t support this: Your attitude determines your altitude). You need to work on your attitude, especially if you are not the people-person.

But no matter how bad your attitude is, you need to put it aside when it comes to dealing with your customers. They are very vital to your ‘progress and existence in business.’

Always be courteous with them when they deal with you, and even after they deal with you. In fact, you will start developing great attitudes when you practice this every day.


My book on the 45 GOLDEN NUGGETS ON HOW TO SELL FAST is all you need to understand how to increase sales in your business.

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