Freelancing is a different way to work – one where you’re not employed by a particular company or tied to a particular job.
As a freelancer, your working relationship with your clients could be ongoing or short-term. If you only want to work part-time, it's up to you.

You don't have to quit your day job. You can work a few hours a week, or whatever your schedule allows you.
Being a freelancer gives you the flexibility to work remotely, set your own hours, and work only on the projects you want.


As a freelancer, you can do almost anything! Popular freelance jobs include writing, graphic design, website and app development, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

So much work can be done remotely these days, and regardless of whether you do graphic design or sales and marketing or writing, if you’re ready to put in the effort to make it work and you have the right skills for today’s market, you can succeed in almost any business or profession.

I currently work for a firm as a content creator (blogger) I have never set my eyes on my Director and I have been working for the firm for more than 2 years.


You can start freelancing at any time. Consider your skills and make sure that you have the right ones that customers are looking for today. Freelance because you have a passion for the work you want to do. If you succeed, the pay will follow!

You don’t necessary have to limit yourself to writing, if there are other activities you are passionate about and can offer the service to clients without hassles, go into it. 


To become a successful freelancer online, first make sure you have the relevant skills to complete the tasks needed to succeed in today’s digital world.
This could be anything from website design to writing a blog post to designing a logo. 

The increasing connectivity of today’s world means geographical barriers are no longer an obstacle, and that people can work from anywhere in the world. You can also join freelancing-related portals, and build your profile for each site.


I always remind people that you don’t need to be a trained professional writer before you start offering freelance writing services. The most important skill that you need to possess is the flair for writing. This can surely be improved upon as you grow in your writing career.

One of the biggest challenges when writing articles is to make sure that there is no copied content especially from the sources you have used. This means that you will have to rewrite the source in your own words so that the original message is relayed without copying the source word per word.

You may use synonyms, which is part of the paraphrasing process, but it takes more than replacing words with their synonyms to get your point carried across. If you want to deliver the best paper, you will need to learn the paraphrasing process first.

Here are a few tips that will help you to rewrite content without plagiarizing:
Copy ideas instead of words. When you’re rewriting articles, the aim is not to copy words – the aim is to copy ideas. Instead of focusing on how the original writer composed their sentences or what words they used, focus instead on their ideas.
Familiarize yourself with the meaning, and understand exactly what the writer is saying here.
Rewrite paragraph by paragraph. A lot of people fall into the trap of rewriting sentence by sentence. But this is bad practice and will improve the likelihood of plagiarism.

Instead, read chunks of text and rewrite them. When your mind has more words to process, it’s less likely to copy them word for word. Instead, it will be focused on extracting the ideas as opposed to the words.
Add your own ideas. If while rewriting the article you experience a lightbulb moment whereby you think of something 100% fresh to the article, you should totally go ahead and add it. Don’t limit yourself by relying wholly on the original text.

If you have something to add that will improve the text, don’t be afraid to add it. Adding more will also help to distinguish your article from the original.

In writing you have to make sure that yours isn’t too similar to the original text. If it is, you’re going to be guilty of plagiarism.
  • One solution is to find LOTS of new information that wasn’t included in the original text. This will prove difficult, though, as most of the info will already have been included. It will also be exhausting and time-consuming to come up with lots of new information.
  • The second – and easiest – a solution is to rewrite the article, either by sentence or by entirely paraphrasing the paragraph
Paraphrasing means that you’re turning the whole article into your own words while retaining the core meaning. You aren’t copying and pasting, but are instead crafting a new piece in your own voice that was inspired by the original piece.

Note: It is important to communicate with your client on what they want before taking up their job. Some clients will want you to rewrite the entire paragraph without having same intonation with the original text, but still, retaining the purpose or goal of the article.

While some other clients will simply want an article that will beat the plagiarism scale

For example
Original Text:
When your loved ones are dealing with depression, it may prove difficult for them to gather their energy and think about their future. Once you realize they are withdrawing from this sort of discussion, then it is time to have an intense discussion with them and seek help.
Sentence Re-write:
When the people you love are having issues with depression, they may have difficulties in putting together their energy to concentrate on thoughts about their future. The moment you realize this, it’s time to sit them down for an intense discussion and then seek medical help
Depression is killing and when your loved ones are suffering from the condition, it might be absolutely impossible for them to put themselves together to discuss their future with anyone.

And since talking about the future is important for growth in a relationship and your partner is withdrawing from this sort of chats, then you need to bring it to their notice and let them understand you suspect they are passing through a difficult time and if they will want to talk about it.

Note: When you are doing a paraphrasing, note that you will be writing more than the original text. It is important that you have an understanding with the client if they are paying for the final word count or for the original text. 

To beat the plagiarism scale, especially if you are writing from a single source, ensure that you do not write more than 3 words in sequence from the original text. Limit it to just 2 words and then have a filler word to break the sequence.

For Example
While it’s a stunning beach, this spot is also referred to as the Jewel of Calabria.

Wrong Re-write
While this is a stunning beach, the spot is also called the Jewel of Calabria

Correct Re-write
While the beach is considered one of the most stunning beaches in the locality, the spot is popular also as the Jewel of Calabrai

You will notice that I use the word popular to break the phrase spot is also. With that, the plagiarism counter will not detect that you copied from the source.

It is important to hold good communication with your clients so both parties could have a smooth dealing.

Before you start a project, ensure that you discuss the terms of services with the clients and also terms of payment.

Be clear on the total word count and how much they are paying per word.
If you will not be able to meet up with the client’s deadline, even after starting the project, communicate this to them so the issue can be addressed.
But it is more important to always set the deadline you can meet up with.

Just as it is with other online businesses, there are some unscrupulous elements in this business too. Some clients will have you work for them and not pay you. But you can actually avoid this kind of people by doing this:

  • ·        Ensure you get their social media profiles
  • ·        If possible, get their bank details to ensure it matches with the profile they give you
  • ·        Don’t fall for high rates. Most clients in Nigeria pay between N1 – 2 per word. When a client comes to you and offers N3. Thread carefully
  • ·        Don’t do bulk jobs – Some clients will ask that you write articles of about 20,000 words and payment will be after you have completed the job. Don’t fall for this, they are mostly scammers.
  •  If they can’t pay you 50% down payment, then they should forget about the deal.

  • ·        If a client sends in a bulk job – Like 10 to 20 topics – always ask to get paid after every 5 topics you send in.

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